Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sunday Funday

The market area, early in the morning

After a few hours people have arrived to drink bil-bil and hang out!

So, now that I have a camera (THANK YOU DAD!), I decided it would be nice to take it out one Sunday and film my village! Sundays are the busiest day in my village socially; they take that day of rest seriously! It is the market day in the chief's neighborhood so there's the most to buy.
Slaughtering a pig for the market. They will sell the meat as well as cook some of it in morsels over a fire.

The bil-bil "cabarets" are literally just people's houses. In this case, we were just sitting on the sand. You also drink bil-bil always with a calabash (far right). 
There are usually meetings I need to go to , but usually that just entails 30 minutes of actual business and three hours of drinking bil-bil. The groups I work with are mixed gender groups, and are usually formed and have meetings for a village savings and loan (VSLA). This is a small group money management tactic that's pretty common in the Far North, and Cameroon also I think. Every week all the members put in a decided amount of money and at the end of the year they can take out the money they have saved over the course of a year, or if they have an emergency they can apply to get aid from the group.

The bean beignet mama and her friends. Perfect drinking snack. 

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