Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting Going!!!

So, we've spent the weekend not doing much, but its going to really begin tomorrow! Up early to get to the police station to get our residence IDs made, meeting the Peace Corps staff, and leaving Yaoundé for Ebolowa, our site for our language emmersion.

This weekend was eventful though, I wish I could take pictures to post here, but I definitely need a good feeling of personal security and self awareness before I should walk around with valuables much. We went to the market, were we were generally gawked at but not harassed except by a drunk man who was put in line by our PCV taking us around. Even better, after the market, we went to a bar with a rooftop porch for beers. Oh yeah, beers are standard .65 L or about two beers large. We got drafts, which were huge, much larger  than 2 beers. We waited out an afternoon storm before making a shortcut home down the train tracks and (literally) balanced across a rushing creek on a 2x4 board. Precarious, but the two Cameroonian sized beers helped our nerves : )

Typing on french keyboards is really throwing me off so either I need to practice for better blog posts or I just need to type it on my own computer....

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  1. Be safe and we would love to see pics when you can post.
    We took William back to Coastal this weekend. He is really glad to be back at school. He has 2 new roommates from NJ. One even brought his surfboard. Maybe he will give William a surfing lesson or 2, of course when William isn't studing for classes..