Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy College Football Kick-off!!!

We've been working on french lessons from 8am to noon, taking a lunch break until 1;30 and then more class until 4;30! But its truely amazing how much french you learn with both many hours of instruction and total immersion! Ebolowa is a very pretty town, I think. There are some hills in the distance and because it is the rainy season, the weather has been beautiful!!

We met our neighbors, and played soccer with them today. I was definitely the worst player on my team but I am determined to get better! There are also some goats and chickens that are always wandering by. The billy goat makes really strange noises, at first I was pretty scared when I woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of something shouting/groaning, until we realized it was just the billy goat trying to get it on with a female goat...

Today, my fellow trainee, Ashleigh, and I picked up our dresses from the tailor!! Its so exciting!! I got a long very flowy dress made out of the traditional Cameroonian fabric - it is green, orange, and black in some ziggy wavy pattern. Ill post a picture soon - I forgot to bring my camera with me to the internet cafe!

The rain has been off and on since we arrived here in Ebolowa. It actually really reminds me of Seattle... its pretty much cloudy all the time but its nice because it keeps the temperature so nice. This is the petite rainy season; there are three seasons in this part of Cameroon - a petite rainy, petite dry, long rainy, and long dry.

I am also excited because we met our program trainer, Tiki, who made an EXCELLENT first impression by bringing us chocolate bars (I nabbed a dark chocolate one!) and also buying our beers last night. Oh, and the PCV in Ebolowa showed us to our new favorite bar - Play Boy. How chould it not be the best bar ever? I think that the owners just found a sign from a toy shop that sold Play Boy toys (because the font looks just like Play Dough or some other major toy company in the US).

As for the title of this post, I am so excited for college football even though I cant watch any of it and I probably wont read about it until long after the games are played. I contemplated making Sunday my internet cafe day BUT Cameroon (or this region of Cameroon) sellls their electricity to Eq. Guineq or Gabon on Sunday so the internet wont be on (far worse is the fact that we will not have running water all day) but.... GO GAMECOCKS!!!!


  1. I'm glad the French is coming along quickly! It is so cool that you are getting to learn that way!! I know you are doing your best to get photos up, but I just can't wait!!! I want to see pictures of your home and the city and the goat and your new clothes... oh so much to see!!! I can't wait!!!
    I love you!

  2. I can't wait to see pictures of the goats, too! Such a cool adventure. Love & Miss you, C!